Who are we?

Under the parentage of Greenfield Marine Technologies, a company founded on the principles of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), we are a symbiotic team of mariners and tech specialists with a common interest in improving the lives of seafarers.

Living in tight quarters and longing for home meals is the least of a seafarer's problems. The biggest challenge is waking up every morning with an impending feeling of doom that something could go wrong, and it could lead to tragic consequences. This kind of stress leads to mental exhaustion and even depression.
Our mission is to ensure that every seafarer feels heard, noticed for their good work and rewarded by peers and superiors for their performance.
Our goal is to also provide an avenue to seafarers to report unethical practices that take place at sea. This is to ensure that authority is not misused, and if so it should not go unnoticed by headquarters.
This can only happen when there is a system in place that monitors all tasks on board, which in turn feeds into an algorithm that calculates chances of risk and incidents and even low morale, allowing superiors to activate corrective action before it's too late.
As a socially conscious team, we are deeply concerned about the negative effects of maritime incidents that lead to sea pollution and loss of wildlife We want to protect Nature for future generations. ShipArc.AI provides us with a way to keep the Earth safe from these harmful disasters.
Our Vision
To be recognized as architects of positive change in the maritime world.
Our Mission
Lead the Environment Social Governance (ESG) drive in the Marine Industry by creating value-based digital solutions.
Core Focus Areas

Environment sustainability

To make it our moral responsibility to preserve and save natural resources so that future generations can experience life just as we do or even better.

Crew Well-being and empowerment

To promote a ship culture where it is acceptable to speak openly about well-being and seafarers who seek help for mental health concerns are not stigmatized.

Crew Health and Safety

To provide information and instructions on what people should do to follow best industry practices while aboard ships in order to minimize incidents and losses of human life.

Digital Transformation

To keep enhancing the industry by using digital technology to create new - or modify existing - business processes, culture, and customer experiences in order to make them responsive to changes in the marketplace.


To continuously strive to protect the rights of seafarers and report on unethical practices happening at sea.

Show your crew that you put them first, and they in turn will deliver beyond expectations. Want to know how?